My First Anniversary

Today marked my first anniversary being married to my lovely wife. Time really flies. It has already been a year since my solemnisation! So much has happened in the past year. We’ve both learned so much about and from each other.

We decided to celebrate our first anniversary yesterday instead of today as I had work. My initial plan last year was to celebrate our first anniversary by going on a holiday (most likely Japan again! Haha) but well, life happens and instead, we’re given the best gift we could ever ask for! We went for a simple dinner together. Only this time, a little different. It wasn’t just the both of us but went together as a family of three!

It was really exciting to bring our little one out for the first time. He was so excited to see the outdoors. He sat so adorably in his stroller with his eyes wandering about and his occasional smiles. We can’t describe how happy we were for such a simple occasion. It’s totally different from going out as a couple.

Sitting down waiting for our dinner to be served, I surprised my wife with a gift. She read my letter and shed tears of joy. I’m not sure how to explain this but I feel really happy whenever I witness her tears of joy. My heart feels really warm. It got better. At the end of the letter, I stated that she would get a present in exchange for a kiss to both myself and our little one. She was so shy.

After which, I took out her gift. Her first reaction was laughter, thanks to the gift being wrapped in pamphlets which I recently got from a shop. I guess that speaks a lot about me. I’ve often told her I find it a waste of money to buy wrapping paper. While the shape of the gift was obviously giving away the answer, she guessed wrongly a couple of tries. When she finally opened one flap of the wrapped gift and took a peek inside, she smiled from ear to ear and squealed in excitement. That made me even happier! She was so excited to be gifted something she’s been wanting for months. She kept repeating like a broken record about how she couldn’t believe I’d actually gift it to her. Her excitement lit up her face as she tore the wrapper and held her brand new Airpods in her hands.

I would like to believe that my strategy worked as I prepped her mentally earlier not to expect much for our anniversary and that I hadn’t much prepared. She said it was fine but I could see her eyes expressing disappointment. But man, I would have really been an ass if I really had nothing prepared. For this year, I’d say I’ve accomplished my mission.

We ended the night on a very good note as we reminisced the moments we’ve had over the past year and talking about what we’d be expecting in time to come. I’m really blessed to have such a wonderful family and I pray to continue to be blessed for the rest of my life.

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